How to drink Matcha

Usucha and Koicha

There are two different ways to drink matcha; “Usucha” and “Koicha”.
Usucha is a thin, light matcha and Koicha is a thick, strong matcha.
It is often said that "Usucha is like regular coffee and Koicha is like espresso.

Usucha Koicha
Matcha types Any matcha you like High grade matcha which is used in formal Japanese tea ceremonies
Amount of matcha used per cup Approx. 2g Approx. 4g
Hot water cooled to About 158°F to 176°F About 194°F or more
Amount of hot water 70ml 40ml
How to mix matcha Serve it with a frothy foam Knead it a as if patting it down
Flavor and texture Lighter and frothier Thick and concentrated


How to make Matcha


・Transfer the boiled water to another teacup or bowl and lower the temperature appropriately before use.

・Sift matcha through a tea strainer to remove any lumps before use.

・Keep the tea bowl and tea sachet warm.

STEP 1:Pour the required amount of sifted matcha into the bowl.

STEP 2:Prepare the required amount of hot water that has cooled to the appropriate temperature, pour a small amount from it into the bowl, and stir to dissolve with the bamboo whisk to prevent lumps from forming.

STEP 3:Pour in the remaining hot water and mix the tea properly.

STEP 4:Take time to savor your own special matcha.